The company of oneself is underappreciated.

Having moved on from the turmoils of secondary school, Ashah and her best friend Navi embark on a new journey towards the familiar unknown: tertiary education. College however is not without its ups and downs, far beyond expectation, and it so happens that one of it is her college’s mandatory community service. She decides to volunteer in palliative care service, in an attempt to avoid the zoo, and from here she begins a year long journey in the lessons of life and death.

Reimena Ashel Yee is a college student, who also happens to be working as a comic artist and illustrator by a miraculous accident. She has been telling stories set in other places since childhood, and now she is ready to set some of them in her dusty old hometown of Kuala Lumpur. She is also the creator of the indie webcomic, The World in Deeper Inspection.

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